• Our solutions are designed to ensure that internal control systems are functioning to prevent fraud, errors and waste. This is achieved by automating the process of checking and validating financial information for breaches, errors, fraud and inefficiencies in near real time against your policy or rules.
  • Industry Horizontal

    Data Quality and Governance

  • Many organizations encounter difficulties with the quality of their data especially the larger the organization gets. The problem compounds the larger the organization gets because the requirements to 'slice and dice' the data for business intelligence, reporting and specific application requirements continually grow. Once the data has been 'sliced and diced' the data quality begins to get out of control and quite often the problem simply gets assigned to the 'too hard basket'.

    The lack of control over data quality can have a compounded effect on your organization. The evidence of this will start to be visible when reports from different systems or tools highlight inconsistencies. Along side this there will be random quality issues with application behavior and business intelligence may not be as accurate as expected. Customers may start to see these issues when it becomes apparent that their details are not the same across products and they may experience difficulties trying to change some of their personal details.

    One of the most serious side-effects of not monitoring data quality is fraud. By monitoring data quality across different systems you can be alerted to suspicious events before they escalate into opportunity for fraud.

    CAS meets all the requirements defined above and more. Using CAS you could immediately start to enforce data quality across your customer data and check that all your customer details are the same across all your systems. Taking this one step further, why not validate your customer details with other organizations to ensure the possibilities for fraud are minimal and address any Anti-Money Laundering requirements you may have. After this you could use CAS to perform data quality validation across your other data repositories. Contact us today to learn more.
  • Compliance

  • Safe-guarding your organization by ensuring compliance with laws and regulations is all about rapidly identifying policy and rule breaches hiding in your data and acting quickly to prevent losses.
  • Continuous monitoring and validation of your data, transactions and processes allows you to automate your compliance commitments and reduce fraud while making better use of your organization's resources. Aptelisense CAS allows you to independently monitor and automate manual internal controls and reduce the risk of your organization being exposed to weaknesses or regulatory requirements.
  • Automating your internal policy across your business process has significant benefits of cost savings, reducing manual processes and freeing up resources to focus on more profitable tasks.
  • Use the power and flexibility of Aptelisense technology to automate data and transaction validation across all your existing applications without changes. Extend your data validation securely to remote parts of your organization and to your partners.
  • Use Aptelisense technology to quickly deploy a 'shields up' approach in areas of high risk where normal internal controls are hard to deploy or police. CAS enables you to take direct action on exception, such as updating data or blocking transactions.
  • If your organization requires high levels of accountability, a low appetite for risk and depends on continual process improvement, using Aptelisense technology will allow you to drive down costs through automation while meeting ever increasing compliance requirements.

  • Internal Audit

  • Managing risk, compliance requirements and providing assurance over financial controls is made easier with continuous monitoring, auditing and reporting on financial, compliance, strategic and operational data. Aptelisense CAS automates the detection of fraud, errors and waste and logs errors, fraud and inefficiencies in near real-time, so internal audit can validate financial information at any given point of time and verify its accuracy.

  • External Audit

  • External auditors can rely on Aptelisense CAS audit logs to cut through to the issues and achieve alignment between internal and external audit functions without duplication or gaps. Audit logs are generated automatically whenever CAS detects fraud, errors and waste in near real time so that auditors have a complete and up to date audit trail of any and all policy breaches. Auditors are able to log on remotely via the web as Administrators, Analysts, Authorizers and other, safely in read-only mode.

  • Operational Risk

  • As an Operational Risk manager, you need to provide your organization with the confidence that it understands its risk profile and has adequate mechanisms in place to mitigate the risk. Risk mitigation is a very subjective process and can only be done once the risk has been truly identified.

    In this fast changing world, your budget is probably being stretched in more ways each year and your focus has to be one of identifying the best ways to cover more risk with less money while reducing your organization’s dependency on multiple silos of point solution products.

    At Aptelisense we totally understand your challenge as we have been involved with reducing risk across many industries and application environments. This is the main reason why we designed and developed Compliance Automation Server (CAS) to be system, application and data agnostic. This means that you can apply CAS across many different systems and problem domains without requiring changes.

    You can use CAS to monitor the risk that you do know and to discover the risk that you don’t know. When you find a new risk you can be sure that you can cover this with the power of CAS without needing to buy another solution.

  • Financial Fraud

  • When you need to ensure that your financial data and transactions are accurate and not susceptible to weaknesses, errors or fraud, you can deploy the power of Aptelisense technology to continuously monitor and validate data to reduce operational risk, defend against fraud and protect against profit erosion.

    Automating your internal policy across your business process has significant benefits of cost savings, reducing manual processes and freeing up resources to focus on more profitable tasks.

    Prevent and defend against financial collusion by using the advanced authorization features of CAS.

    Detect and prevent simple data entry errors from escalating in full view of your customers.

    Ensure financial processes conform to your strict policy and ensure that your team will receive timely exception notifications.

    Extend your financial policy securely to other parts of your organization or business partner processes.

    Ensure that your financial targets are not derailed by unexpected and unforeseen weaknesses in your systems and processes.

    Automatically validate employee records with suppliers and core financial systems.

    Validate payroll transactions in near-real time to ensure that payments are not duplicates or fraudulent.

    Aptelisense CAS technology can be applied across most of your systems, applications and processes, including:

    1. Payroll

    2. Purchase-to-Payment Cycle

    3. Order-to-Cash Cycle

    4. Employee and HR

  • Anti-Money Laundering

  • Aptelisense Compliance Automation Server (CAS) provides a totally flexible Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing detection and prevention solution.

    CAS is designed to be used by business users and allows organizations to tailor rules to match individual requirements. The flexibility of CAS will enable your organization to monitor, validate and prevent suspicious live transactions and customer data in near real-time. Suspicious data can be collected in line and written to specific data repositories for further analysis (see integrating IBM i2 into claims processing).

    CAS is designed to automate your AML requirements seamlessly with your existing business processes and applications and can be implemented easily without any changes to your applications or systems. CAS is typically deployed in a lights-out environment and will quietly monitor and validate your data until an exception occurs. This hands-off approach will enable you to automate a large percentage of your customer checks and allow your investigators or analysts to focus on high risk cases.

    Aptelisense can integrate CAS with quality external watch lists such as Dow Jones for automated verification of suspicious identities and PEPs.

    A unique ability of CAS allows multiple organizations to use CAS to securely validate customer data in real time. This advanced functionality will enable you to extend your AML checks to include your partners and suppliers. Contact us today to learn more.

  • Mortgage Fraud

  • Mortgage fraud typically occurs when an organization receives false information and/or documentation in support of a credit application i.e. employment and income details, registered valuations, bank statements.

    During the last 2-3 years mortgage fraud has been associated with price ramping; a property is purchased and on-sold the same day at an inflated price to an unsuspecting person.

    Mortgage fraud continues to be a risk for organizations, particularly where price ramping is involved and applications are not checked against the Loan Management Team's Alert List - a database of suspected fraudsters. In most cases the fraud is not discovered until after draw down when the loan gets into difficulties.

    Access to the Alert List is normally restricted and only accessible to front line staff through their Credit Managers. Having the capability to automatically alert "at risk" mortgage loan applications in near real-time without lifting restrictions on access to the Alert List itself, will enable organizations to identify suspicious persons before draw down and dramatically reduce the exposure to this type of fraud.

    Compliance Automation Server (CAS) will enable your organization to automate validation of mortgage applications across many areas, including:

    1. Transaction validation across your internal data sources

    2. Customer data validation across internal and external sources

    3. Intelligent matching of customer details against your Alert List and with external parties

    4. Verification of physical mortgage documents in your file systems

    5. Automate integration of your intelligence tool without application changes (see below)

    See how FileMonitor and CAS can be deployed for Mortgage Fraud prevention.

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Aptelisense has both the expert systems and know how required to cascade balanced scorecard measures down to an operational level of management and drive continuous business process improvement aligned with key performance indicators and measures of success. We take a very pragmatic approach:

    1. Gain a thorough understanding of where performance improvement is needed

    2. Develop, clarify and refine key measures and standards for driving performance improvement

    3. Embed standards and measures in a rules engine that monitors live data and reports on the integrity of the measures and standards the business has in place to achieve better performance

    4. Re-enforce performance measures and expectations through reporting, all the way down to the level of front line staff responsible for implementing policy and managing the business processes of interest/concern

    A case study of where this approach has been adopted is the Ministry of Justice where District Court case management processes are the focus of performance improvement.

  • Use Compliance Automation Server to add business rules to your process without changes

    The power and flexibility of CAS will enable you to add strong validation of your business rules to most processes and applications. CAS does not require any changes to your applications or systems and runs independently, monitoring and validating your data. When an exception occurs, your staff will be notified instantly.

    CAS can be configured to take instant and automatic action so that your staff do not need to react immediately. Actions can be as simple as running one of your applications or programs on the server of your choice or using the in-line reactive dynamic data update feature of CAS to reverse transactions or write the data to another database or data source.

    CAS enables you to embed other applications into your business processes such as intelligence or analytics software, without any changes. For an example, see integrating IBM i2 into claims processing.

  • Intelligence

  • Aptelisense technology enables you to dramatically increase the ability of your team to automatically monitor and validate data for fraud in many parts of your organizations applications and processes. Our technology will allow your analysts to focus on the important cases without having to filter through mountains of data. Use our technology to monitor and validate data in parts of your organization that you normally can't get to.

    Use our technology to:

    1. Continually monitoring for fraud, 24/7, 365 days a year

    2. Increase the productivity and motivation of your investigation team

    3. Reduce fraud while allowing your team to process more cases

    4. Integrate your IBM i2 tool set into discrete applications and processes

    See how Compliance Automation Server can benefit your organization by integrating IBM i2.

  • Database Access Monitoring

  • Because of the role that Administrators play, they typically have privileges that can allow them to view or change any data they want. This has always been seen as a position of trust but often highlighted as a risk by auditors which can expose an organisation to:

    1. Sensitive data being viewed, modified or given to other parties

    2. Accidental damage caused by the impact of a wrong action

    3. Incorrect configuration causing security exposure

    Most relational databases have some form of audit functionality which can be used to log access to data and store the detail into a variety of repositories: database tables, file, syslog and Windows Event Log. CAS can be configured to monitor any of these standard audit repositories in near real-time using simple to configure but powerful rules.

    CAS has advanced functionality for protecting its own configuration from unauthorized changes when running in production mode and can force all changes to require authorization from one or more authorizers before the change is made live. All events and changes are stored in a fully encrypted audit log which can be viewed by auditors using a read only interface.

    View our short presentation on database access monitoring.

  • Industry Vertical

    Banking and Finance

  • Financial services organizations are under continuous pressure to be more competitive and at the same time comply with ever increasing financial and legal compliance requirements such as:

    1. Sarbanes-Oxley Act

    2. Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism

    3. Basel II

    4. Patriot Act

    Aptelisense technology automates near real-time, continuous monitoring and prevention of many aspects of financial compliance in a single and flexible solution that enables financial managers, auditors and risk compliance managers to achieve control over fraud, Anti-Money Laundering and audit.

    Contact us today to learn more about how Aptelisense technology can enable you to automate:

    1. Money-laundering detection and prevention

    2. Transaction and data validation

    3. Prevention of internal fraud

    4. Reduction of audit requirements and costs

    5. Reduction of risk

  • Insurance

  • Insurance companies are under continuous pressure to provide services and products that are capable to respond to the demands of customers in today's global world. Any insurance company that can respond to a customer and meet the customer needs faster and with a better user experience will win more business.

    The pressure to do more for the customer in a shorter time frame can be at odds with the need to reduce the risk of fraud. How do you reduce your claims payment cycle time and ensure your customer has a better experience but at the same time reduce the risk of fraud?

    Compliance Automation Server (CAS) has been designed to allow you to automate your data validation requirements across you insurance policy and claims processes. You can use CAS to do this right now without having to change your systems or applications.

    Here are some typical insurance scenarios that CAS can monitor:

    1. Multiple policies being registered against the same person, vehicle or building

    2. Multiple customers paying from the same bank account against different policies on the same person, vehicle or building

    3. Supplier details (bank account, name, address, phone etc) that matches a staff member

    4. Staff member details (bank account, name, address, phone etc) that matches a supplier

    5. Claimant details that match details on an Alert Register

    6. Claimant details that link with other claimants - symptomatic of gang fraud

    7. Duplicate payments

    8. Real time validation of customer details with other partners for AML KYC purposes

    CAS will allow you to insert near real-time validation of your rules into almost any point in your application process. This will allow you to automate fraud detection and allow your fraud analysts to focus their time on more productive issues.

    CAS can also be used to easily embed and automate the use of Intelligence products and tools such as IBM's i2. Using CAS you can automate the validation and analysis of your insurance data and feed the suspicious data into i2 for your analysts to investigate. CAS can then monitor the i2 data for updates by the analysts and the feed the changed data back into your application process to speed up the response to your customer. See integrating IBM i2 into claims processing.

  • Government

  • Government agencies are under continuous pressure to do more with less each year. Agencies are being exposed to higher financial and operational risks while continually searching for ways to achieve savings and deliver more services. The growing threat of internal and external fraud also exposes the reputation of agencies and government.

    Aptelisense has many years experience assisting leading government agencies reduce security and operational risk.

    Aptelisense technology can assist government agencies to leverage the advanced functionality and flexibility of CAS to:

    1. Defend against fraud

    2. Prevent errors in data from escalating

    3. Add dynamic data validation into business processes without changes

    4. Integrate analytics and intelligence solutions without changes to applications or systems

    The ability of CAS to automate routine and manual processes and validation across multiple areas will enable government agencies achieve continual reductions in risk, costs and reliance on specialized staff. Contact us today to learn more.

  • Telecommunications

  • With increasing pressure from competition, legislation and consumer protection, the telecommunications industry faces rapid internal and external change and growing compliance requirements.

    In a global world of consumers who expect to communicate using ever expanding methods, the telecommunications industry is also exposed to a growing threat of internal and external fraud that can adversely affect its profitability.

    Aptelisense CAS can be used to enforce tight monitoring and control over business processes and financial systems and expose and prevent fraud from taking place.

    CAS can be used to apply in line advanced controls to ensure that costly errors do not expose telecommunications profits.

    Installing and configuring CAS is quick and easy and does not require changes to your applications or systems. The advanced flexibility of CAS will allow your organization to quickly embed strict policy control over established systems that are hard and slow to change.

    Contact us today to learn more
  • Solution Vertical

    Enable IBM i2 to access your enterprise data

  • Contact us today to learn more about how Compliance Automation Server (CAS) can quickly:

    1. Integrate IBM i2 products into key decision points in your business processes

    2. Reduce your business process cycle time while automating evaluation of fraud

    3. Apply business rules to dynamically validate data as it changes

    4. Reduce or remove false positives in your data before it gets to your analysts

    5. Provide full reactive in-flight data modification and writing

    6. Evaluate and query data against other data source and then write to another data source

    7. Validate and integrate data back into your process after Analyst investigation

  • As a user of IBM i2 you will appreciate the power and capability of i2 to help you analyze and detect fraud. You are probably looking for ways to further increase the utilization of i2 in your organization's business processes and applications.

    The ability of your organization to implement projects to enable i2 integration may be too slow for your business requirements. Aptelisense understands this and has designed Compliance Automation Server (CAS) to provide you with a uniquely flexible capability that will enable your organization to quickly and simply add the power of i2 into many points in your business without requiring changes.

    The unique flexibility of CAS will enable you to quickly deploy i2 to far more points in your organization, increase the return on investment of IBM i2 and enable your analysts to focus on investigating the important cases while CAS automatically takes care of the rest.

    CAS can be implemented without any changes to your business applications or systems.

    Here is an example of using CAS to integrate i2 into insurance claims processing:

  • Cash Management In Banks

  • Aptelisense Compliance Automation Server (CASh) enables banks absolute control over the way they manage cash rather than allowing vendors of Cash In Transit services like ACM and Armourguard to run the show. CASh can report cash holdings by denomination (including coin) to the branches and set thresholds for ordering and repatriation of cash weekly, daily or intra-day (depending on frequency of data capture) and calculates the net cost benefit of holding or moving cash.

    Contact us today to learn more about how CASh can be used to:

    1. Report on cash holdings at regional level and in CIT operator vaults

    2. Report on foreign cash holdings

    3. Automate teller balancing for review and audit (great for fraud and risk management)

    4. Allow banks to manage commercial cash remotely as a service

    5. Automatically reconcile financial transactions associated with cash holdings and movement

    6. Detect and prevent fraud

  • Products

    Compliance Automation Server

  • CAS is a Window Server application engineered from the ground up to solve specific use cases at IBM UK, Barclays Bank, Metropolitan Police (UK) and Unisys. CAS is designed to be data and industry agnostic and provides organizations with advanced functionality with flexibility of use across:

    1. Fraud prevention - financial, mortgage, benefit, employee

    2. Anti-Money Laundering prevention

    3. Data quality monitoring

    4. Risk mitigation

    5. Intelligence gathering

    6. Business process improvement and integration

  • The key capabilities of CAS include:

    1. One application covers all functional areas

    2. Near real-time read-only monitoring of live data sources

    3. Can be switched into fully reactive data update mode

    4. Dynamic data value testing in line or against data in other data sources

    5. Alerting on simple or complex user defined rules when attention is required

    6. Taking automatic action for defined events

    7. Preventing collusion and unauthorized configuration changes

    8. Point and click operation

    9. Graphical reporting

  • Why should you use Compliance Automation Server?

    1. Requires no programming

    2. Implementation requires zero changes to your system or applications

    3. Has a small foot print

    4. Is scalable to enterprise level

    5. CAS to CAS connections allow distributed processing

    6. Adds no risk when running in read-only mode

    7. Can be switched into fully reactive data update mode

    8. Tamper proof and secure

    9. Is data, application and industry agnostic

    10. Uses your live data

    11. Can optionally maintain cached copies of your live data

    12. Does not modify your data when in read-only mode

    13. Installs in minutes, configured in hours, productive in days

  • How scalable is Compliance Automation Server?

  • CAS is scalable to enterprise level and has flexible and modular licensing for the required task. CAS can be securely networked together to allow you to validate data across your organization or with external organizations in near-real time.

  • Compliance Automation Server leaves you in full control of your data

  • CAS reads data from your live data sources and does not maintain its own copy or cache of your data. This means that CAS has a very small foot print. CAS does not modify your data when running in read-only mode. When running in fully reactive data update mode, you are in total control over when and what data will be changed. Although CAS is simple to use, it provides you with very powerful capabilities while leaving you in total control of your data.

  • What does Compliance Automation Server cost?

  • CAS is unique in the way is solves data compliance. Because CAS is data, application and industry agnostic and does not require changes to your applications or systems, it is an extremely competitively priced solution. When you compare the return on investment that CAS can deliver to your organization in the short term, the decision to use CAS is very simple to justify to your management team.

    Contact us today for an online demo.

  • Pro Client

  • Aptelisense Pro is a flexible, secure and unique application framework that we developed to simplify and automate the following:

    1. Monitoring, filtering and storing of events and changes from disparate systems and applications

    2. Remote program execution

    3. Intelligent File Transfer

    4. System monitoring

    5. Application to application Messaging

  • Aptelisense Membership Framework

  • Aptelisense Membership Framework (AMF) is an advanced and powerful membership system that enables you to securely manage your membership details and connect with external systems for processing of invoices and email campaigns. Because AMF is written totally in open source and uses a main stream open source database, you can be sure that your membership data is fully under your control and your system can be maintained and extended by Aptelisense, your team or most external providers.

  • Proxy to Radius

  • Aptelisense Proxy To Radius Accounting (P2R) enables you to monitor authentication data in your proxy server logs and map user Internet activity against network addresses. When a user changes network address P2R will automatically change the user and network address association by sending stop and start accounting messages to your Radius server. P2R also maps users to Internet bandwidth usage plans. This will allow your billing system to automatically charge the user according to the right plan. It also allows your systems to rate-shape the bandwidth the user has depending on the usage plan.

    P2R is suitable for use in Universities, Telcos and Internet Service Providers as it has the flexibility to integrate different and disparate types of proxy servers and Radius servers.

    Simple to install, configure and use

    P2R installs and runs on Windows Server 2008 and supports most types of proxy server. Installation and configuration is simple and easy. P2R monitors user authentication data stored in the proxy server logs using TCP or UDP syslog across the network. You just need to configure your proxy servers to send the logs as syslog to P2R. P2R is licensed by the maximum number of users it monitors.
  • Tools

    Intelligent Matching Engine

  • Intelligent Matching Engine (IME) is an extremely fast and accurate tool that uses an in memory hashed data store with milli-second response times. IME operates at very high levels of accuracy and speed using a phonetic hashing algorithm function to match miss-spelt words and words in the wrong order allowing the reduction of record duplication and improvement of data quality. Currently in prototype development, IME has two main functional areas:
  • Conversation monitoring

    Performs monitoring of 'conversations' from feeds such as: file, database, twitter, email, google etc. The prototype can currently do the following:

    1. Detect the language. Conversion to English will be available in a later release.

    2. Search the conversation for keywords, phrases or combinations

    3. Break down a conversation into sentences and language chunks

    4. Identify the subject and object, plus the sentence relationships

    5. Detect known types (identities, addresses, vehicles, phone numbers etc)

    6. Score depending on the number of keyword / phrase hits and relevance in conversation

    Matched 'hits' are recorded in a fast indexed data store in such a way that it allows indexing of all keywords / phrases, identities, addresses, vehicles and phone numbers across all conversations. This allows all linked conversations to be queried based on the required criteria.
  • Search and store

    Provides very fast and accurate searching of strings (i.e. names, addresses etc), compensating for words in different order and misspelled. Searches can return:

    1. All matches in order of accuracy

    2. All matches in order above a certain accuracy

    3. Just 100% matches

    4. The top n matches

    IME stores all words/strings/conversations of interest as hashed syllables. It is designed to run its processes in parallel and across multiple nodes and can be used as a front-end for CAS, or accessed by other applications if required. CAS can be used to monitor the IME data store and use it's capabilities to process new entries and cross-check any data field within the data store, within other databases, or with other organizations that are running CAS. CAS can also generate alerts when a particular cross-check requires attention.

    Contact us if you would like to trial IME.

  • File Monitor

  • FileMonitor is a Windows Server 2008 application that runs as a Windows service and monitors files by type in one or more directories. When a monitored file type is: created, modified or deleted, FileMonitor writes the following information to its SQL database:

    1. Unique hash of the file

    2. File created timestamp

    3. File modified timestamp

    4. File deletion timestamp

    5. File size

    6. File name

    7. File directory

    FileMonitor can be utilized across many scenarios and different industries, but here are a few examples:

    1. Monitoring mortgage applications to ensure that customer documents are present for loan draw downs

    2. Ensuring that customer documents are present before issuing insurance policies

    3. Monitoring critical company financial documents (Deed of Trust, financial reporting documents etc)

    Please contact us if you wish to use FileMonitor.

    Here is a typical mortgage loan scenario where FileMonitor can be used:
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