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  • Product Collateral

    Aptelisense Compliance Automation Server for insurance

  • Presentation on how Compliance Automation Server can be used for insurance claims.

    Using CAS for insurance claims
  • What CAS can do for your organization

  • Presentation on what Compliance Automation Server can do for your organization.

    What CAS can do for your organization
  • Aptelisense Compliance product datasheet

  • Find out how Aptelisense Compliance Automation Server can automate your compliance requirements and reduce time-consuming and manually repetitive Internal Audit functions.

    Product datasheet
  • Aptelisense Compliance fraud prevention datasheet

  • Read more about how Aptelisense Compliance Automation Server can protect your organization against fraud and at the same time reduce your auditor compliance costs.

    Product datasheet
  • Aptelisense Compliance IBM i2 integration datasheet

  • Read more about how Aptelisense Compliance Automation Server can enable you to integrate IBM i2 into more parts of your organization.

    Product datasheet
  • Aptelisense Compliance financial monitoring datasheet

  • Read more about how Aptelisense Compliance Automation Server can automate monitoring of your organizations finacial data against external regulatory requirements.

    Product datasheet
  • Aptelisense Compliance intelligence datasheet

  • Read more about how Aptelisense Compliance Automation Server can provide intelligent insight into your organizations data.

    Product datasheet
  • Aptelisense Compliance security datasheet

  • Read more about how Aptelisense Compliance Automation Server can help you enforce your security policy and automate validation of changes against your change control.

    Product datasheet
  • Monitoring database access using Aptelisense Compliance Automation Server

  • Presentation on how Compliance Automation Server can monitor user access to sensitive database information in your organization.

    Monitoring access to your sensitive database information
  • Case Studies: Cash Management

  • In 2001 Adam Jordan helped develop and delivered Wesptac NZ's solution for teller and branch ATM cash management. At the time Westpac NZ had serious concerns that its retail business was "awash with cash"; the retail business:

    1. Had no reporting to branches on their total cash holding and movement costs or branch optimum and minimum levels of cash inventory.

    2. Had no guidelines on when to source or move cash.

    3. Didn't measure branches' performance with respect to inventory management

    4. Didn't systematically gather the data against which to establish an optimum (baseline)

    5. Didn't know how reliably data was captured on the Teller Cash Management system (TCM) and didn't systematically monitor its reliability.

    6. Couldn't systematically manage risk around cash.

    7. Wasn't able to give branches any guidance on how to manage their cash because Westpac didn't know what the total costs of holding and distributing cash were, or what minimum levels of cash were needed to meet liquidity requirements on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.

    8. Didn't know whether reducing cash holdings significantly was an option or what was causing peaks in cash demand.

    Built from the ground up, Westpac's system for cash management, monitoring and performance measurement in the branches:

    1. Provided goals and simple tools for managing and monitoring cash levels in the branch (a daily report on cash holdings by denomination showing weeks trends and repatriation and ordering thresholds).

    2. Aligned Head Tellers with the objective of reducing inventory when branch and branch ATM holdings were in excess of the optimum adjusted for the risks associated with daily and seasonal variations in cash demand.

    3. Reduced inventory in remote ATMs to an optimum.

    Westpac achieved savings of approximately $5m in cash holding costs in the first full year of the system's operation and potentially as much as $20m savings in cash processing and transport costs annually.

    Aptelisense has developed a very powerful platform with in-built capability to delivery Adam's original cash management solution far more powerfully, including:

    1. automated monitoring of cash balances against policy by denomination in near real time in every branch across Australia without making any changes to core systems or adding any risk to the business

    2. live data monitoring and reporting capability (rather than picking up and reporting on end of day balances)

    3. the capability to detect and alert for non-compliance and other cash handing and processing irregularities in near real time

    4. the capability to monitor remote ATM and commercial customer's cash balances by denomination.

    With this added capability, banks would be able to:

    1. Provide branches with a secure logon to their cash report, showing actual movements in daily, weekly, monthly and YTD cash holdings against plan adjusted for seasonal variations in cash demand by denomination and run frequency.

    2. Provide head tellers and branch managers with text or email alerts when ordering and repatriation thresholds are reached for each demomination.

    3. Trigger alerts to the CIT provider when cash is either ready for collection or is required and optimise run frequency

    4. The capability to create ecosystems for co-operative cash management between branches in the same proximity by defining rules for cooperation, monitoring cash balances and alerting when cash needs to be moved from one branch to another and in what amount, by denomination

    5. Detect and report theft and non-compliance with the bank's cash management policy in near real time and drive compliance and culture change

    6. Provide audit with a remote logon to an automatically generated audit log and read-only access to the entire system

    7. Alert for fraud and theft in near real time and launch investigations where the system detects non-compliance

    Delivered on the CAS platform, the solution is extensible to managing remote ATMs, commercial cash and possibly even industry (Reserve Bank) cash over time (none of which was possible with the original solution).

    We have a great deal of expertise in this area and the IP and proven ability to deliver this solution with considerable success. CAS is an absolutely perfect fit with the rules based system Adam helped develop and there is literally no limit to what we could achieve in cash management with a CAS-based system in place. We can also deploy fast and relatively cost effectively.
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